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All Specialty Cookware

Scanpan CS+ Wok, 12.5"

We’ve never been this excited about a nonstick collection!...


Stars: 4.7

Mauviel M’passion Tarte Tatin

This traditional copper pan is an essential tool for making the...

$199.95 - $229.95

Le Creuset World Cuisine Tagine

Inspired by the slowly simmered, heavily seasoned cuisines...


Stars: 5.0

Demeyere Stainless Steel Flat-Bottom Wok

Perfect for stir-frying, sautéing, deep frying and more, this ...


Stars: 4.0

Staub Black Wok, 6 qt.

We love how this versatile wok handles everything from stovetop...


+ Special Offer

Stars: 4.0

Le Creuset World Cuisine Paella Pan

One of Spain’s most recognized dishes, paella is a great way ...


Scanpan Pro IQ Nonstick Chef’s Pan, 4 qt.

Scanpan is the first producer of nonstick cookware certified to be ...


Stars: 4.9

Demeyere Industry5 Wok, 12"

Perfect for stir-frying, sautéing, deep frying and more, this ...


Stars: 4.8

Mauviel M’héritage 150s Paella Pan, 13.7"

The Mauviel® M’héritage 150s paella pan features a ...


All-Clad Copper Core Double Boiler, 2 qt.

Delicate ingredients of cheese, chocolate, crèmes and sauces...


Mauviel M’passion Sugar Pan, 1.3 qt.

An essential for pastry chefs and chocolate specialists, the...

$109.95 - $219.95

Stars: 5.0

Demeyere RESTO Paella Pan, 18"

Paella is a favorite Spanish dish made with fresh seafood, savory...


Stars: 5.0

All-Clad d3 Stainless Steel Stir-Fry Pan, 14"

All-Clad’s innovative stir-fry pan makes it easy to whip up...


Stars: 4.9

Staub Tagine

A traditional North African cooking vessel, the tagine has been...

$139.95 - $219.95

+ Special Offer

Mauviel M’150b Crêpe Pan

Perfect for crêpes, galettes and more, this heirloom-quality...


Double Stainless Cast-Iron Portable Range

Perfect for whenever additional stovetop burners are needed...


Mauviel M’150b Mini Heater Set

An attractive way to keep sauces, dips and more warm for serving...


Revol Revolution 2 Tagine, 3.3 qt.

Unlike most traditional Moroccan cookware, Revol’s...


Scanpan HaptIQ Wok, 12.5"

From the sleekly polished stainless steel exterior to the...


Mauviel M’150c2 Crêpe Pan

Meticulously handcrafted in France since 1830, Mauviel cookware is ...


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