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All Baking Sheets & Cooling Grids

Bake Like a Pro
Create superior-quality cakes, pies and cookies with baking sheets from Sur La Table. From excellent heat transfer to nonstick finishes that make cleanup a breeze, our premium bakeware delivers the results you’re looking for. From the perfect crust to flaky pastry, we have an exceptional selection of baking pans and cooling racks ready to be put to the test. Better yet, meet the challenge of cooking the perfect macaron with a baking mat. Take your baked goods to the next level with equipment from Sur La Table.

Advanced Baking Technology
If you’re still using hand-me-downs from Grandma, visit Sur La Table to upgrade your cookie sheets. You’ll be delighted to find that you don’t need to worry about rust, chipping or the buildup of oils with our state-of-the-art bakeware. Enjoy the easy release of ceramic pans and silicone mats, while reveling in the easy cleanup that nonstick cookie sheets provide. Moreover, the even heat distribution will make your baked goods legendary. Enter the 21st century with a technology upgrade from Sur La Table.

Baking Mats for Everything
Dramatically improve your results with baking mats from Sur La Table. Used by professionals for years, these flexible, nonstick surfaces replace sprays and parchment paper commonly used with most bakeware. Offering an easy release, silicon mats make the creation and embellishment of delicate gourmet treats easy. Alternatively, these versatile tools simplify the pizza-dough-making process and give you the freedom to make anywhere in the kitchen a work surface. No matter what you’re creating, baking mats from Sur La Table will make it easier.

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