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Sur La Table Salt Block Holder

Our salt block holder is a safer and easier way to transport our...

Now: $9.99 - $14.95

Was: $14.95

Stars: 4.7

Moroccan Ras el Hanout Seasoning Mix

Our seasoning mix is crafted in small batches and allows you to...

Now: $3.99

Was: $6.00

Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table Potato Leek Soup Starter Mix

Transform fresh potatoes and leeks into a flavorful, satisfying...

Now: $5.99

Was: $14.00

Sur La Table Roasted Red Pepper Soup Starter Mix

Transform roasted red peppers and a cup of stock into a smoky...

Now: $5.99

Was: $14.00

Sur La Table Ancho Chipotle Rub

Make unforgettable pork tenderloin with this complex blend of...


Sur La Table Greek Rub

Bring the fresh flavors and aromas of an authentic Greek...


Sur La Table Chicago Steak Rub

Bring home the irresistible taste of Chicago’s finest steak...


Sur La Table Tuscan Herb Rub

This classic savory mix of garlic, pepper, rosemary and oregano...


Sur La Table BBQ Salmon Rub

Give your salmon irresistible flavor with this sweet, smoky BBQ...


Sur La Table Miso Chive Grilled Fish Seasoning Tent

Achieve authentic global flavor in your own kitchen. This...


Sur La Table Alabama White BBQ Sauce

Take your taste buds on a road trip to Alabama with this...


Sur La Table Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

Achieve authentic South Carolina flavor with a mustard-based sauce ...


Sur La Table Mop BBQ Sauce

Perfect for roasting, grilling, slow cooking and smoking, this...


Sur La Table Zesty Cocktail Sauce

Give shrimp and seafood an extra punch with our traditional...


Sur La Table Sweet & Savory Ketchup

Warming heat from serrano peppers and spicy Korean gochujang...


Traditional Indian Curry Seasoning Mix

Crafted in small batches, this mild, salt-free seasoning combines...


Marrakesh Za’atar Seasoning Mix

A unique and aromatic Mediterranean blend of spices, Za’atar ...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Season dishes and enhance the flavor of your favorite foods with...


Stars: 5.0

Sur La Table Sea Salt for Salt Mills

Naturally season dishes while cooking or at the table, enhancing...


Stars: 4.8

Sur La Table White Peppercorns

Fully ripened on the vine, our exclusive white peppercorns have a...


Sur La Table Tellicherry Peppercorns

From famed Tellicherry, India, our exclusive peppercorns are...


Stars: 4.4

Sur La Table Rainbow Peppercorns

Similar to traditional French mixtures, our rainbow blend tempts...


Stars: 5.0

Herbs of Provence

The signature seasoning from the south of France, herbs of...


Stars: 5.0

Herbes De Provence Refill

A classic combination of delicious herbs from Provence. Capturing...


Stars: 5.0

Piment d’Espelette

Intensify your cooking with the dark, slightly smoky flavor of...


Sur La Table Kettlecorn Popcorn Seasoning

Craving traditional carnival popcorn at home? Add our...


Sur La Table White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning

Top your favorite popcorn with the cheesy flavor of white cheddar. ...


Sur La Table Sour Cream & Onion Popcorn Seasoning

Top your favorite popcorn with the rich flavor of sour cream and...


Sur La Table Cinnamon Toast Popcorn Seasoning

Sprinkle the sweet buttery goodness of cinnamon toast on your...


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