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Rosle, professional grade tools since 1888. High grade 18/10 stainless steel. Designed in Germany and built to last.

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Rösle Steak Knives, Set of 4

Classic yet contemporary, these steak knives slice through tough...

Now: $34.96

Was: $69.95

Rösle Leather Grill Gloves

A grill master never needs to leave his or her station thanks to...

Now: $14.96

Was: $34.95

Rösle Nonstick Skillet with Lid, 11"

With nonstick coating designed for cooking using little oil, the...

Now: $49.96

Was: $119.95

Rösle Round Pizza Stone

No matter how you top it, this 13" pizza stone delivers...

Now: $14.96

Was: $44.95

Rösle Barbecue Turner XL

This is big! The Barbecue Turner XL earns its name with a wide...

Now: $19.96

Was: $49.95

Rösle Kettle Grill No.1 Sport F50

Summer starts when you fire up the grill, and this charcoal kettle ...

Now: $199.96

Was: $299.95

Rösle Can Opener with Plier Grip

Dishwasher-safe, ergonomically shaped thumbscrew provides for...


Stars: 4.7

Rösle Fine-Mesh Kitchen Strainer with Round Handles

Fine-mesh strainer is perfect for blanching, straining vegetables, ...

$20.00 - $70.00

Stars: 1.0

Rösle Locking Stainless Steel Tongs

Easy one-hand operation—automatic lock opens when tongs are...

$29.00 - $40.00

Stars: 4.2

Rösle Fine Tongs

Useful for cooking, roasting and serving. Individual food, such as ...


Stars: 4.9

Rösle 6-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

A versatile addition to any kitchen, this six-piece set includes a ...


Rösle Garlic Press and Can Opener Set

This two-piece set includes a smooth-edge can opener and a handy...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Kitchen Rail with Wall Attachment Set

Keep the kitchen tools you use most within a convenient reach...

$45.00 - $65.00

Rösle Garlic Press

We’ve always loved how Rösle’s press crushes even ...


Stars: 4.2

Rösle Salad Spinner

Spin rinsed greens dry in a snap with this professional-grade...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Food Mill

Constructed of sturdy 18/10 stainless steel, the Rösle food...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter by Rösle, with its sharp blade and...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Fruit Tools, Set of 5

A versatile addition to any kitchen, this set includes five...


Rösle Serving Spoon

This serving spoon’s wide head makes it especially suitable...


Rösle Double-Shelf Spice Rack

This beautifully designed double shelf unit will keep all of your...


Rösle Large Collapsible Colander

Inventive, award-winning colander saves space and doubles as a...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Kitchen Torch

High-heat kitchen torch caramelizes crème brûlée...


Stars: 4.3

Rösle Gourmet Thermometer

Gourmet thermometer features an illuminated digital temperature...


Stars: 4.0

Rösle Wire Cheese Slicer

A stainless steel slicer with two different slicing wires so you...


Stars: 3.5

Rösle Tomato and Kiwi Peeler

Perfect for the creative cook, extra-sharp double blade separates...


Rösle Meat Hammer

For professional results every time, we recommend this two-faced...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Vegetable Spoon

This beautiful, long-handled 18/10 stainless steel spoon is...


Rösle Potato Masher

For effortless mashing, this two-armed potato masher’s...


Stars: 4.7

Rösle Antipasti and Olive Spoon

Dish and serve olives of varying sizes. Slotted spoon allows...


Rösle Medium Grater

Sharp, medium-sized cutting edges are ideal for grating cheese...


Rösle Herb Knife

Chopping up herbs, onions and garlic is no hassle at all with this ...


Rösle Open Kitchen Rail System

Designed to store and display Rösle tools while keeping them close ...


Rösle Julienne Peeler

Peeler cuts fine, decorative strips perfect for garnishes, salads...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Locking Silicone-Tipped Stainless-Steel Tongs

A must-have for all cooks with any nonstick or delicate cookware...

$35.00 - $40.00

Stars: 4.6

Rösle Pie Server

Going beyond mere functionality, this slim server has an elegant...


Stars: 4.0

Rösle Spice Mill

Five grinding settings give you the ability to choose the degree...


Rösle Angled Spatula

Easy lifting and simple turning are all you can ask for in a...


Rösle Gourmet Slicer

This slicer lets you adjust the sharp blade to your desired...


Rösle 3-Piece Baking Set

A great gift for any baker or cook, this three-piece set includes...


Rösle Stainless-Steel Charcoal Chimney

An easy, chemical-free method for lighting charcoal, this chimney...


Rösle Silicone Crêpe Turner

The angled silicone lip of the stainless steel turner slides...


Rösle Colander

For straining vegetables and pasta and for washing salads, we like ...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Peeler

This peeler is designed to peel towards you, in the European...


Stars: 3.3

Rösle Egg Whisks

These whisks come in a variety of sizes for beating different...

$18.00 - $24.00

Stars: 5.0

Rösle Nutcracker

This elegant nutcracker’s angled teeth grip nuts firmly...


Stars: 1.0

Rösle Fine Peeler

Sharp-edged blade allows you to peel in fine strips. Sharpened on...


Rösle Coarse-Mesh Skimmer

The coarse-wire mesh is ideal for skimming stock, broth, soups and ...


Stars: 5.0

Rösle Horizontal Peeler

Vegetable peeling is easy with this 18/10 stainless-steel...


Stars: 4.9

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