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Cutting Boards for Every Kitchen
Among the most practical tools in the kitchen, cutting boards are essential for any type of cooking that requires knife-work. Not only will they protect countertops and help keep blades sharp—these portable cutting surfaces make cleanup easy. Available in a wide range of materials, contemporary cutting boards effectively blend form with function to ensure your kitchen is attractive at every stage of the meal-preparation process.

Wood Cutting Boards
If you’re searching for a versatile food-preparation surface, look no further than wood cutting boards from Sur La Table. Offering just the right amount of resistance, they allow a clean cut without dulling the blade. Considered essential equipment by most home and professional chefs, cutting boards can be found in a variety of wood types, shapes and sizes. From a basic maple surface useful for preparing vegetables to a square butcher block ideal for carving meat, you’re sure to find a wood cutting board that will perform flawlessly for any application.

Plastic Cutting Boards and Mats
For those focused on fast cleanup, non-porous plastic cutting boards and mats are something to consider. Incredibly versatile, these manufactured alternatives to wooden blocks have several advantages. First, most plastic cutting surfaces are dishwasher safe, which can speed after-meal cleanup. They’re also lightweight and easy to store, making them ideal for small kitchens. Finally, plastic mats are very durable, offering a superior value. When you need a cutting surface, consider Sur La Table7#8217;s professional selection.

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